GCC Laser Reference

A reference guide for owners of the GCC Mercury II Laser

Introduction to the GCC Mercury

This a page about the GCC Mercury II laser which is a 30 Watt CO2 laser that has build area of 12"x24". Parts are still available for this laser however they are becoming rare as time goes on. The purpose of this page is provide reference materials for future owners and operators of this great machine.

Hardware Overview

The controller is a custom controller made by GCC Mercury and is nearing the end of its useful life.

Laser Details

Its the 30 Watt RF excited CO2 Laser made by Synrad. The exact model we have on the laser is the J48-S2 tube which has date code of September 2005. The laser is still running strong at 28.7 watts when measured with my PW250 - Laser Power Wizard.


The mirrors as follows.

x1 - 25mm diameter silicon x2 - 20mm diameter silicon x1 - 19mm diameter ZnSe with 50.8mm or 2" focal length

Software Needed to Run

  • Vector Editing software - Inkscape preferred
  • Corel Draw - Any version above version 2.0
  • GCC Mercury II Laser Driver

Future Plans

  • Add a more detailed maintenance procedure
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